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Clubstyle Europe (CSE) is founded in the Netherlands by Steve, Tom, Jim and Dimitri.
Clubstyle is a bike style that started with the Harley Davidson FXR models. A big twin engine with upgrades making it a fast accelerating and good handling bike. Motorclubs started riding and upgrading these bikes. Later with the introduction of the FXD aka Dyna models the name Clubstyle was a well knowing term. For the record: CSE is a Clubstyle community and is not MC related, however each of our crew has their own preference. The appearance of a Clubstyle motorcycle: 2 in 1 exhaust, high rear shocks, upgraded engine, often used fairing, tall risers and a full face helmet.
In theory, every modification must be rooted in something practical or performance-oriented, nothing superfluous and there in lies the beauty of these bikes.


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